Organizing The 2011 San Francisco Shadow Theater Festival
The Migrant Shadow theater project at Everett Middle School
February 26th
The African Diaspora a shadow play at Everett middle school
Full-length Rembetika performance with Kunst-Stoff


January through March.
(and from the begining of school year from September 2008)

•Produced an interactive shadow art installation at Niad Gallery in Richmond.
Leonidas Kassapides taught as the artist in residence and produced Shadow Theater plays at Buena Vista Elementary with productions such as "Presidential invasions" and "Paper Octapus"

•Started directing the Phantom Tollbooth at Buena Vista Elementary Schoolin November and this show will be performed at the De Young museum at Golden Gate Park in May of 2010, in the fourth Grade. Laura Gold, teacher at Buena Vista attributed the rise in student academic test scores to the shadow theater residency because the kids got art and hand to eye coordination activities out of their system.

•Also taught at Wittier Elementary in Oakland, Wilson Elementary in Richmond.

•At Everett Middle School, another annual performance of "The African Diaspora"with collaborator art teacher Martha Estrella during Black history month in February. Students from other Bay Area schools attended the performance, after which many of them requested transfers to Everett because they wanted to experience this work.

•Taught Greek language at the Oakland Greek school and directed a Christmas play a independence day play and an Easter play in Greek with the advanced class.

May 1st to present
•Leonidas Kassapides hosts a weekly radio show called The Balkan Vulcan show for the legendary Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco where he playsRembetika, Balkan, Middle Eastern and South American music. Also interveiwed Richard Kurtis the director of Pirate Radio and various other super heroes and celebrities of the local and international community. The Balkan Vulcan show hosted the Greek music band "Agapi mou" performing live on Dec 2nd at the Pirate Cat Radio Cafe.
August 1st to November 8th

•Leonidas did Shadow Design and Shadow Casting for Ghosts of the River with ShadowLight Productions. Directed by Larry Reed, written by Octavio Solis, Designed by Favianna Rodrigez and with live music by Cascada de Flores. This was ShadowLight's best work yet! We performed it October 1-11th at Teatro Vision at the Mexican Herritage Plaza in San Jose CA and October 28th to November 8th at the Brava theater in San Francisco CA USA. The most emotional and powerful reactions were by the audiences on the free community night. More info here.
October 23rd

•Performed The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis in color with live music at the Folsom St. community Center.
October 31st Halloween
•The annual free Karaghiozis performance at Union Square in downtown San Francisco. This year's original shadow play "Karaghiozis Tackles the Heathcare System" with live music by the Karaghiozis Rembetika band with Greg Jenkins (Grhgorhs Masakhs)  and Alan Davidson.
November 19th to the 22nd
•Leonidas directed the shadows in a performance at Counterpulse; a small Theater with a big Heart in San Francisco as part of the Diaspora Festival. In colaboration with Kunst-Stoff and Dancer Choreographer Yannis Adoniou, singer Catherine Clambaneva. "Rembetika" is a dreamy dance piece with shadow and live singing and four incredible ballet-trained dancers. We worked, collaborated and wrote for  that piece for over a year and performed a 20 minute version 4 days in a row in November. The piece was awarded a completion grant and the full-length performance will premiere in November of 2010 at Yerba Buena Gardens. We have also been invited to bring it to The Barishnikof Center in New York City and in Europe sometime in the future.
November 27th

•DJ Leonidas at Amnesia for the Gypsy Punk Dance Party.
December 2009
Leonidas taught an artist residency for Shadow Theater performances at the international arts Charter school of san Francisco and for the migrant class at Everett Middle School. Also co-directing the African Diaspora shadow play with Everett Middle School students for the third year in a row.


About the same as 2007 but twice as busy, performing Karaghiozis
and teaching in public schools all over the Bay Area.
Performed in three projects with ShadowLight Productions.
One of which a collaboration with the Theater and It's Double, a Taiwanese
shadow theater troupe in the Epic Monkey King.
Collaboration and performance with ShadowLight for the preview performance of Ghosts at the River by Octavio Solis.
Performed original shadow play Karaghiozis for President on Halloween night with live music by the Balkan Karaghiozis Band at Union Square, San Francisco.


Produced 46 short shadow plays after collaborating with 3rd 4rth and 5th graders from Buena Vista Elemintary in San Francisco and Coronado Elementary in Richmond CA.
Produced and co directed the shadow play The African Diaspora at Everret Middle school.
Performed 32 Karaghiozis Shows at the Puppet Rampage international puppetry festival, in Northern Greece, at obiji farm in Kansas, Lexington KY, San Francisco, Berkeley, Danville, upstate NY, Los Angeles, Oakland CA, in Schools, outdoors, museums and theaters.
Performed The Annual Karaghiozis Halloween Show on Halloween at San Francisco Union Square in down town San Francisco.


Jan 15
Performed Karaghiozis the Doctor at San Jose's Hellenic Heritage Museum.
Feb 5
Spinning Top and 3 object juggling demonstration at a churh in Los Angeles CA Feb 6-10 Shadow Theatre Work shops for elementary and middle school students of the 32nd Street Magnet School at USC campus in down town LA.
Feb 10
Performed the Mathematician and the Juggler (Juggling is Math and Science Workshop with Gary Saunders at the 32nd street school during math class.
Feb 21
Shadowlight workshop at Berkeley Highschool.
March 5
Karaghiozis show at UC Berkeley March 11 Assist Larry Reeds performance of Wayan Kulit (balinese traditional shadow theatre. at Noe Valley Ministry in San Francisco
March 29
Karaghiozis at The greek church in Seattle WA.
March 31 - April 2
Karaghiozis at the Northwest Puppet Center in Seattle WA
Shadow theatre and juggling performances and workshops in LA
June and August
Shadow theatre and Juggling performances and workshops in San Francisco
Build and new Shadow Play in NYC in collaboration with experimental musician Miguel Frasconi. Perform it there early fall.
Oct. 2006 - Oct. 2007
12 new Karaghiozis shows at the Tenderloin's Cohen Alley in downtown San Francisco, 1 NEW SHOW A MONTH list of shows for each month 07

  1. The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis
  2. Karaghiozis the Doctor
  3. Karaghiozis in The Ghost at the Tower
  4. The seven Monsters and Karaghiozis
  5. Karaghiozis the Lawyer
  6. Karaghiozis adventure with Alexander the Great
  7. Karaghiozis in BarbaGiorgos wedding
  8. The seven muses and Karaghiozis
  9. Karaghiozis and the revollutioneries
  10. Karaghiozis the Governor
  11. Karaghiozis the Teacher
  12. The twelve feats of Karaghiozis


Jan. - May
Performed as an eccentric juggler (The Health Inspector) for Scot Nery's live comedy cooking weekly shows of "CRASH COURSE" at San Francisco' world famous CLIMATE theatre.
Taught as a Resident in Art, Shadow Theatre Workshops at Buena Vista Bilingual Elementary at San Francisco's Mission District and Ennola Maxwell Middle School for the Arts wher students performed a total of thirty five short shadow puppet theatre performances.
Toured Karaghiozis (Traditional Greek Shadow Theatre) in the midwest states of the United States (five states, eleven different shows). Carved eleven new boomerangs in Kansas.
Carved four yard puppets in Upstate New York.
July- December
Rehearsed and performed Larry Reed's Shadowlight Production of The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Taught Juggling and Shadow Theatre to various non-profit Social Services Organizations for the Bay Area.


Jan. - May,

Shadowlight sponsored residencies for: Brett Harte Elementary, Lincoln Elementary - Oakland, Nystrom Elementary and Buena Vista Elementary.
Shadow Performance:
Performed "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis" at: SomArts, Brett Harte, and the Hellenic Museum of San Jose. Assisted Larry Reed's Balinese shadow theatre performances of Arjuna saves the Universe, Dangerous Flowers, and Bima Encaged at parks and theatres in the Bay area.
Physical Performance:
Played the part of the Health Inspector in 15 episodes of the "CuliNery Tuesdays" comedy cooking show at the Climate theatre.


Jan. 27, performance with Life Academy
Mar. 21-22, Gamelan Sekar Jaya's "Kawit Legong: Prince Karna's Dream" (with ShadowLight) at Zellerbach Hall— Berkeley, CA
May - Dec, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis," directed by Larry Reed musically accompanied by Edessa at the following venues: Randall Museum in S.F., Balkan Music Camp at the redwoods of Mendocino Co., Valencia Park S.F., Cohen Alley S.F.


Feb. 02, South East Community College, KY. "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Mar. 02, Appalshop, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Mar. 02, CNN shoot of ShadowLight's "Wild Party" in SF
Apr. 02, "Karaghiozis the Refugee," Odeon Bar in SF.
May 02, Educational Tour in Guallala, CA with Larry Reed and ShadowLight.
Jun. 21-22 02, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis" at the Cowell Theatre at Fort Mason in SF.
Nov. 02, ShadowLight's "The Seven Visions of Encarnación" at Brava Theatre on York St. in SF.


Feb. 01, Tater Knob Pottery open house, Clown Emergency Unit
Jun. 01, Cabrillo Music Festival in Santa Cruz, Shadow Artist for "Rapunzel" by Lou Harrison
Aug. 01, Cowell Theatre, Yarica Theatre, "Coyote's Journey" by Larry Reed's ShadowLight
Aug. 01, Zeum SF, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"


Sep. 99 - May 00, Directed the musical "Annie" for Winchester's Community Theatre, and taught Drama at Clark Middle School.
Jun. 00, Lexington's Renaissance Fair, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Aug. - Dec. 00, AMAN television show writer and executive producer in Thessaloniki


Jan. 99, San Francisco Greek Church, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Feb. 99, "Feast of Fools" Soup Kitchen, "Stone Soup" Mar. 99, Sausalito Children's Museum, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Apr. 99, "Into The Streets" SF Street Festival, "Janardi Meets Chichi" by LK and Chris Neely
May 99, Marin County Crafts Fair, CEU
May 99, Berea Arts and Crafts Fair, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Jun. 99, Tour of Greek Hospitals and Orphanages in Thessaloniki and Athens sponsored by Hamogelo tou Paidiou. Clown Emergency Unit
Jul. 99, Mount Vernon Respiratory Hospital, Clown Emergency Unit
Aug. 99, National Puppeteers of America Festival in Seattle WA. Taught circus skills and shadow theatre workshops and performed "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"


Jan. 98, Acton Folk Center, "The Wizard of Oz" by Frank Baum
Feb. 98, Cincinnati Children's Museum, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Mar. 98, Oakland CA Greek Festival, " The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Apr. 98, Loyola University CA, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis", "Karaghiozis the Doctor"
May 98, Odyssey Bistro in Berkeley, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis", "Karaghiozis the Doctor"
Jun. 98, National Greek-Krete Festival of Fresno CA. CEU, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Jul. 98, AHEPA Convention of Sacramento, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Aug. 98, Sacramento Greek church, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Sep. 98, Pinewood International Schools (Thessaloniki Greece), "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Oct. 98, Prestonburg Elementary school, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Nov. 98, Lexington Children Museum, "The Ghost at the Castle"
Dec. 98, Joseph-Beth's Booksellers of Cincinnati, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"


Jun. 97, North West Puppetry center (2 weeks of Greek Shadow Theatre shows)
Jul. 97, Where Art meets Ed Educational workshop (4 days of workshops and performances of Greek Shadow Theatre and CEU and stilt building workshops)
Jul. 97, Seeds Festival at Appalshop, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Aug. 97, Wrocklege, High on Rose, The Metro, "The Wizard of Oz" by Frank Baum
Sep. 97, Natasha's Cafe, "The Ghost at the Castle," "Karaghiozis and the Seven Monsters"
Oct. 97, West Liberty High School, Greek Folk Arts Residency for 2 weeks
Nov. 97, Lexington Children's Museum, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Dec. 97, Tour of Berea, Richmond, Mount Vernon, and Lexington Hospitals Children's Wards, Clown Emergency Unit.


Jan. 96, Berea College Convocation, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Feb. 96, Madison County Public Libraries in Berea and Richmond, CEU, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis
Mar. 96 - Apr. 97, Resident Artist for the Bay Area Puppet Playhouse in Berkeley CA. Created "Daedalus", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Odd Objective", "Yusuff meets Fiffi".


Jan. 95, Sayer Catholic School, "Madeline's Christmas and the Clown Emergency Unit"
Feb. 95, Dunbar Elementary, " The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Mar. 95, Savannah Puppet Festival, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis" meets with Carter Family Marionettes
Mar. 95, Lexington Joseph-Beth Booksellers, "The ghost at the Castle"
Apr. 95, Appalshop Theatre, "Karaghiozis and the Seven Monsters"
Apr. 95, Panagia Pantovasilissa Church, "Karaghiozis the Doctor" and "The Ghost at the Castle"
May 95, Covington Community Center, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Jun. 95, Barnabas Correctional Home for Boys "Clown Emergency Unit"
Jul. 95, "Art Meets Ed" Conference, Circus Skill workshops, shadow theatre production, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Aug. 95, The Children Festival of Richmond VA, "The Ghost at the Castle", "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Sep. 95, The Galt House, "Clown Emergency Unit"
Oct. 95, Scottsville Public Library, "Wicked John and the Devil" by Christy Anne Neely
Oct. 95, Frankfurt Street Fair, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Oct. 95, Dessie Scott Juvenile correctional home, Circus Skills Workshop, CEU, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Oct. 95, Richmond, KY Arts and Crafts Fair "The Ghost at the Castle"
Nov. 95, Rockcastle Co. Elementary School, Clown Emergency Unit
Nov. 95, Lawrence, KS Public Library, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Dec. 95, University of Kansas, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis" , "Karaghiozis the Doctor", "Karaghiozis and the Seven Monsters"
Dec. 95, Bowllin Green First Night, Clown Emergency Unit, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"


Aug. 94, Lieds Theatre, Lawrence Kansas "The Wizard of Oz" by Frank Baum
Sep. 94, California Academy of Science, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Oct. 94, Indiana Regional Puppeteers of America Festival, "Karaghiozis the Lawyer"
Nov. 94, Cincinnati Children's Museum, "Karaghiozis the Doctor"
Dec. 94, Louisville Zoo, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"


Jan. 93, The Lexington Children's Museum, "Karaghiozis and the Seven Monsters"
Feb. 93, Clinton Elementary School "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Mar. 93, Kentucky Center for the Arts, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Apr. 93, Broadway Theatre of Frankfurt, KY, "Karaghiozis the Doctor"
May 93, Singletary Center ,"The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis"
Jun. 93, Berea Community school, "The Ghost at the Castle"
Jul. 93, San Francisco National Puppeteers of America Festival, teaches a workshop in traditional Greek Shadow Theatre, performing scenes from "Metamorphosis," and meets Larry Reed.


The company changes it's name to the Paranoix Shadow Theatre Co. and they start an attempt to revive Traditional Greek Shadow Theatre receiving grants and being sponsored by the Madison Co. Public Library and other non-profit community organizations.

Jul. 92, Madison Co. Public Library, "The Ghost at the Castle" by L. Kassapides
Aug. 92, Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, " Karaghiozis and the Seven Monsters" by L. Kassapides
Aug. 92-Aug 94, Paranoix Shadow Theatre Co. performs twice a month a Karaghiozis show at the New Morning Coffee House in Lexington, KY.
Sep. 92, Arts Place, "The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis" by L. Kassapides


Kassapides starts the "Paranoix Poor Theatre Company," a non profit troupe exploring physical and experimental theatre, performing in barns, community centers and schools.

Aug. 90
, Clear Creek arts camp barn, "The Rhinoceros" by Eugene Ionesko
Nov.90, Acton Folk Center, "Blushing Scared" by L. Kassapides
Dec. 90-Mar. 91, Kentucky Tour, " The Wizard of Oz" by Frank Baum
May 92, Kentucky Tour, "The Accidental Death of an Anarchist" by Dario Fo


Studies Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Directing at Berea College in Kentucky. He works in the theatre department as a carpenter, a lighting electrician, a teaching assistant for Acting and Directing classes and is an acting apprentice.

Acting Experience during undergraduate work at Berea College's Theatre Laboratory Jelkyl Drama Center:
Dec. 85, "An Actor's Nightmare" (Executioner)
Mar. 86, " The Real Inspector Hound" (John Doe)
Dec. 88, "Drum Song" (Alan)

Directing experience:
Dec. 85
, "Short Eyes" by Miguel Pinero
Feb. 86, "Savage Love" by Sam Shepard
May 86, "A Discipline Method" by L. Kassapides
Nov. 87, "Lux in Tenebris" by Bertolt Brecht
Jan. 88, " Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Caroll
Oct. 88, "Saved" by Edward Bond
Apr. 89, " The Foreigner" By Larry Shoe
May 89, " The Toilet" by Amiri Baraka
Designed the set for " Play it again Sam"

Leonidas Kassapides