Presented by: Leonidas Kassapides

Upcoming Shows:


Summer, Karaghiozis Southern States Tour.


January 31st, The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis, Orinda Public Library, Orinda

February 26th, The African Diaspora, with Everet Middle School students at Everet Middle School, San Francisco.

May 14th, The Phantom Tollbooth and The African Diaspora, student productions at the De Young Museum, San Francisco.

July 18th, Karaghiozis Saves the Economy premier radio performance on the Balkan Vulcan Show, Pirate Cat Radio, San Francisco. Listen to the show!

July-August Karaghiozis Northwest Tour

July 29, performance at the Carter Family Marionettes Courtyard, Lopez Island, WA
July 31, performance at the Puppet-o-Rama Festival, Seattle, WA
August 1st, performance at the St. Dionisios Church, Seattle, WA

October 31, Karaghiozis Crosses the Border at Union Square, San Francisco

November, Rembetiko with Kunstoff at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco


October-November, Ghosts of the River with Shadowlight Productions

October 31st, Karghiozis Tackles the Healthcare System, Union Square, San Francisco


jan 7-16,A Shadow Theater performance of the Brehmen Town Musicians by Coronado Elementary school 3rd graders after a residency in collaboration with VALA and guest teacher Dr. Tina Rotenberg

March 13th,Silent Movie Juggler Eccentric Theater performance at Corvallis OR Waldorf School

March 21st,Zorro The Contemporary Version, performced by Buena Vista Elementary School Shadow Puppet Theater 4th and 5th graders

May 4, Shadowlight Productions workshop with Octavio Solis "Ghosts at the river

May 24th, The Wedding of Karaghiozis at Cuernavacca Mexico

June- july 15th,Bay Area Libraries

July 15 , Stintson Beach Library 2pm. Point Reyes Library 6pm Karaghiozis performances

Aug 08 , Karaghiozis at the Beijing Olympics with performances in English Mandarin Cantonese and Greek

Sep 08 ,The Karaghiozis Safe World Tour

Fall of 08,Greek Shadow Theater Tour of Oregon Schools

Oct 31, Halloween Performance with Karaghiozis and live music at San Francisco's Union Square


Jan 12, Karaghiozis Elder Hostel performance in San Francisco

jan 14, Karaghiozis and Alexander the Great at San Jose's Hellenic Museum

jan 27, Karaghiozis performance for Elder Hostel in San Francisco

Feb 1, The Odyssey. A shadow theater workshop at cell space 7:15-10:00 pm

Feb 8, The Odyssey. A work in progress at cell space 7:15-10:00 pm

Feb 12, Karaghiozis performance for Elder Hostel in San Francisco

Feb 15, The Odyssey. A Work in progress at cell space 7:15-10:00

Feb 22, The Odyssey. A work in progress at cell space 7:15-10:00

Feb 27, Karaghiozis performance for Elder Hostel in San Francisco

March 1,8,15,22,29, The Odyssey. A work in progress at Cell Space 7:15-10:00

March 12 and 31 , Karaghiozis performaces for Elder Hostel in San Francisco

April 5, The Odyssey a work in progress at Cell space

May 8 , Karaghiozis performance for Elder Hostel

June 17-22 and 25-30, Karaghiozis performances for Elder Hostel

July 1-5 and 23-27, Karaghiozis performances for Elder Hostel

July 17-22, Puppeteers of America Festival in Minnessota performance

Aug 5-10, Elder Hostel performances in San Francisco

Oct 31st halloween night Karaghiozis Performance with Kaladrios Greek Music Band at Union Square in downtown San Francisco

THe Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis at Buena Vista Theater

Dec 11-20 Residency workshop and perfromances at Coronado Elementary School at point Richmond CA. Collaboration with VALA where the 3rd grade students produced Shadowplays using a poem of a local poet


Jan 15, Performed Karaghiozis the Doctor at San Jose's Hellenic Heritage Museum.

Feb 5, Spinning Top and 3 object juggling demonstration at a churh in Los Angeles CA Feb 6-10 Shadow Theatre Work shops for elementary and middle school students of the 32nd Street Magnet School at USC campus in down town LA.

Feb 10, Performed the Mathematician and the Juggler (Juggling is Math and Science Workshop with Gary Saunders at the 32nd street school during math class.

Feb 21, Shadowlight workshop at Berkeley Highschool.

March 5, Karaghiozis show at UC Berkeley March 11 Assist Larry Reeds performance of Wayan Kulit (balinese traditional shadow theatre. at Noe Valley Ministry in San Francisco.

March 29, Karaghiozis at The greek church in Seattle WA.

March 31 - April 2 , Karaghiozis at the Northwest Puppet Center in Seattle WA

April-May, Shadow theatre and juggling performances and workshops in LA

June and August, Shadow theatre and Juggling performances and workshops in San Francisco

September, Karaghiozis Show at Valencia St. Greek Church in San Francisco

October, "Karaghiozis Saves The Harvest" at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

October, "Monkey King" with Shadow light in San Francisco

Oct. 2006 - Oct. 2007, 12 new Karaghiozis shows at the Tenderloin's Cohen Alley in downtown San Francisco, 1 NEW SHOW A MONTH list of shows for each month 07

  1. The Metamorphosis of Karaghiozis
  2. Karaghiozis the Doctor
  3. Karaghiozis in The Ghost at the Tower
  4. The seven Monsters and Karaghiozis
  5. Karaghiozis the Lawyer
  6. Karaghiozis adventure with Alexander the Great
  7. Karaghiozis in BarbaGiorgos wedding
  8. The seven muses and Karaghiozis
  9. Karaghiozis and the revollutioneries
  10. Karaghiozis the Governor
  11. Karaghiozis the Teacher
  12. The twelve feats of Karaghiozis

December, Karaghiozis performances in Danville, CA

Leonidas Kassapides